2014 UN Climate Summit Speech by Leonardo DiCaprio

Check the video of Leonardo DiCaprio talking about climate change during the 2014 Climate Summit ..

On September 23, 2014, UN Climate Summit 2014 was held in New York City, where leaders all over the world gather in order to talk about the greatest threat the world is currently facing — Climate Change. Selected leaders were given the chance to give their speeches regarding this major problem. Anyone were allowed to step up and give their concerns regarding the issue.

Leonardo DiCaprio got a chance to speak in front of the world leaders with an honorable speech. A speech from a concerned citizen and not an expert. He gave out great examples of observations that resulted to human kind’s lack of concern of the crisis at hand. He expressed excellent points as to what people see what climate change is and how the government should do to solve the problem.

Here are the highlights of his speech that I believe should be keep in the minds of the people:

He mentioned that the most people, if not all, see climate change as fiction. As if climate change is not real and that climate change is something that can somehow go away. Climate change is not fiction. It is real as evidences of such crisis emerge every week. “Droughts are intensifying, oceans are acidifying with methane plumes rising up from beneath the ocean floor… ice sheets melting at unprecedented rates, DECADES ahead of scientific projection”

This is definitely one point that should be said to people everyday. Knowing that this era, people have been narcissistic to bother what’s happening to the world today. Leonardo dropped in his speech for the people to wake up from dream land. Climate change is real. It’s here right before us and it is not going away unless we do something about it. We’re not in a movie or a series where in the end, it’s going to be all right. This is reality and, in reality, this is a big problem and it can’t be solved just by one individual or two, or even one extraordinary group.

Greatest Security Threat
“The chief of the US navy’s Pacific command, admiral Samuel Locklear, recently said that climate change is our single greatest security threat.”

Leonardo did a quote that hits what climate change it really is right one the dot. Climate change is definitely the greatest security threat. Climate change doesn’t target one country. It affects every single country. in world. It is not a threat that the military are capable of protecting us. The only thing the military can do is assist and evacuate the people who might get hit by unwanted storms, hurricanes and others that are results of climate change

Individuals to industries
“This disaster has grown BEYOND the choices individuals make.”

This is another point that he expressed. Climate change is severely affecting the countries recently and it is not something that can be solved with letting the people change their lights to save electricity. This time it’s about the industries and the government around the world to make decisive, big-scale solutions. A very good point. Even if individuals do work on segregating garbages, it can only help a little compared to how much contribution factories to worsening climate change.

I believe DiCaprio expressed his message loud and clear, giving specific suggestions in order to stop the growth of the crisis at hand. There’s nothing more to say as the solution is at the hands of our governments’ initiative to make actions and lead the people to a better and liveable place for everyone.

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