Interfaith Engagement

Jewish Climate Initiative believes that not only Judaism, but all the other world religions and great spiritual traditions must now begin to address this global crisis.

Faith can be an immensely powerful force for behavioral change in combating global warming. We aim to actualize this power within Judaism and stimulate other religious leaders to mobilize it in their own faith communities. Then it may serve as a shared basis for discussion, a resource for global education and a spur to action.

Jewish Climate Initiative is accessing the ethical and spiritual wisdom of Jewish tradition that may be brought to bear on this issue, while simultaneously engaging in dialogue with scholars and leaders of other faiths. Each of the word’s major faiths has something vital to contribute to solving this problem, but that none has all of the answers.

Through dialogue we share what we can each contribute to understanding the issue and help one another mobilize our faith communities for common action.

Watch this space for the launch of Jewish Climate Initiative’s first major interfaith project!


Here are some links to organizations that are already doing great work in this area.

California Interfaith Light and Power:
CILP brings together hundreds of congregations from across the religious spectrum to save energy and switch to renewable sources, based on a common mission of stewardship for the earth.

Alliance for Religions and Conservations:
ARC (great name for an environmental organization!) is working with the world’s eleven major religions on a faith-based project to combat climate change.

Christian Aid’s Cut the Carbon Campaign.
Christian Aid has been at the forefront of the political campaign to persuade the UK to adopt the world’s first law mandating national carbon cuts.