About Us

Jewish Climate Initiative, is a not-for-profit organization created for the purposes of Tikkun Olam – literally “Repairing the World” in Hebrew – by providing a Jewish response to the climate change crisis that threatens the ecosystems of our planet during our lifetimes and the lives of our children.

We believe that the Jewish People has an urgent obligation and unique contribution to global action towards averting the threats of climate change in three critical areas:

  • Ethics: The ethical and spiritual wellsprings of Jewish tradition must now be plumbed anew for guidance for the planet as a whole.
  • Policy and Activism: Our long experience of passionate activism to improve the world needs to be directed at the critical challenge of climate change.
  • Science and Technology: We must apply our skills in technology development and commercialization to those fields that need to be advanced in order to reverse the potentially dire effects of climate change.

Jewish Climate Initiative will be a leading catalyst for development of effective responses to the global climate crisis through the promotion of innovative science, technology and ethical leadership.

In so doing, we will stimulate Israel and the Jewish people to play their full role in humanity’s efforts to ensure a stable future climate for our children.