Policy and Activism

“A person who does a single good act tips himself and the whole world towards the good.”
Talmud Kiddushin, 40b

“It is not for you to complete the work, but neither are you free to exempt yourself from doing it.”
Pirkei Avot.

Take action on climate change now!

Inspired by spiritual traditions that stress the power of individuals’ actions to transform the world, Jews have long contributed to movements for justice and social change in a way that is massively disproportionate to our numbers.

Today we must unleash this power for passionate activism to mobilize the will of individuals, communities and governments to change course and choose life. There is a wide measure of agreement about the policy measures that must be taken if we are to avoid dangerous levels of climate change. But the global political will and moral purpose necessary to implement them are still lacking.

Jewish Climate Initiative aims to galvanize the idealism latent in Israel and the Jewish World to build a mass movement combating global warming.

We will be catalysts for change in the attitudes and practices of industry and individuals, as well as new directions in Israeli and United States government policy, (recognizing the crucial world leadership role that the US must play on climate change.)

Activism needs to be based on good policy research. Jewish Climate Initiative will research, write and commission expert studies aimed at establishing the most effective policies for combating climate change. The results will also be informed by the values and teachings articulated in our Jewish Ethics Program.

Our activism programs will include, building lobbying coalitions and campaigns, establishing a Jewish Climate Change Corps and galvanizing Youth and Student activism to campaign on climate change.