Take Action Now – Macro

Jewish Climate Initiative is getting its own activism programs up and running. Meanwhile, here are some organizations through which you can take action to influence government policy on climate change right now!

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth UK Their “Big Ask” campaign was instrumental in putting the world’s first ever climate change bill on the agenda of the UK parliament.

Greenpeace UK

Christian Aid Their Cut the Carbon March across the UK was one of the most effective campaigns on climate change by a faith-based organization.

The Shalom Center: Shalom Center’s “Green Menorah Covenant” includes lobbying the US government on energy policy.

COEJL Runs Jewish public activism campaigns on environmental issues, including climate change.

JNF-KKL Focuses on offsetting carbon emissions through tree-planting.

Adam Teva v’Din.

Hazon: The largest American Jewish environmental organization. Hazon focuses on food issues, including how the US food industry contributes to climate change by consuming huge amounts of fossil fuels in manufacturing and transporting food.

Good Energy Initiative promotes green energy and carbon offsetting in Israel. The GEI is run by the Heschel Centre, a leading Israel-based environmental think tank.

Other Jewish environmental organizations doing fine work include:

The Arava Institute. Brings Jews and Arabs together to find environmental solutions in the Middle East.

Sviva Israel. Specializes in high school education programs.

Canfei Nesharim. A US-based Orthodox environmental network.

Big Green Jewish Website.